Funding Education

Outstanda Education NFT

Funding top-tier free educational content globally through the presale of Education NFTs.

Available Soon –  Funding High-Quality Education Content

  • Free to All Learners
  • Learning Mastery Supports Students & Teachers
  • Global, Unbiased, Fact-Based
  • Modular, Self-Paced Learning
  • NFT Purchase Demonstrates Commitment to Improving Global Standards
  • Premium NFT’s Pays Recurring Crypto Payments
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NFT Artwork – Original, Education-Themed Artwork 

Art pieces are made up of images and avatars of various funders, designers, and students to create a mosaic.

NFT’s include special features such as Royalties, Income, and Participation in Global Education Initiatives
All artwork will be original. This sample is only a concept with stock images.


What is an Education NFT?

The Outstanda Education NFT is an NFT that provides owners with a collectible piece of unique art that tells a story, as well as provides benefits.  Some Education NFT’s pay recurring payments based on student performance, as well as royalties if the original owner sells the NFT.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital contract that resides in the blockchain.  This means it is more public, and more permanent than the traditional forms of contracts. Outstanda Education NFT’s endow owners with rights to rare artwork that tells a unique story of how their purchase changed lives.  This contract can be sold and traded just like any other NFT, on an NFT marketplace.

Education NFT Rights

Outstanda Education NFT’s come with rights such as paying a royalty every time it is sold.  Because people pre purchase our NFT’s, their account number can be encoded in the NFT so they get a royalty each time it is sold.

Recurring payments are of cryptocurrency and the value is dependent on the market of the currency. If you sell an education NFT, the new owner will get the future payments.

NFT Pre Purchase – Explained

Most of the time, someone sees a piece of art and buys the NFT.  However, the Education NFT is raising funds through pre purchase to develop global, free education content.  Once funding is complete, and the course is fully developed and being used by students, then the NFT is minted.  This allows us to include avatars and images of students, course builders, and funders as part of the mosaic artwork.  It also allows us to encode the original funders’ wallet account ID.

No Need for Wallet and Account ID

When someone pre purchases an Education NFT, we hold the purchase in a free account.  Because building the course, and then minting the NFT, takes months, there is no hurry to set up a wallet to transfer your NFT.  We will hold it until you are ready.  Metamask will be our first integration which will allow you to transfer your NFT or purchase your NFT with Etherium if you prefer that over a charge card.

Education NFT Goal

The goal of the Outstanda Education NFT is to generate funding to produce high-quality, global education content that is free and improves socio-economic mobility, climate care, and cultural appreciation.

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