Learn and Earn

If Education is so important to the economy, why aren’t people paid to improve their education?

Outstand Learn and Earn: 

  • Global Payments to Verified Students
  • Supports Schools and Teachers
  • Funds All Levels of Curriculum 
  • Advanced Education Available for All People
  • Dynamic Education That Meets Everyone’s Needs

Helping Everyone Reach Their Full Potential

Checkoin Token Certificate?

Purchasing a Checkoin Token Certificate is a way to contribute to crowdfunding the development of the Outstanda platform and curriculum that will reshape education.  As a thank you, it will also produce recurring Checkoin revenue in the future for the owners of the certificates.

How Does a Certificate Work?

When you help our program grow by buying a Checkoin Token Certificate, you are entitled to 1 share of Checkoin generated from an 8% share payout on student earnings for courses created.  This helps us develop more curriculum and may help you in the future with a nice return.

No Cryptocurrency Needed

PrePurchase – The Checkoin Token Certificate is raising funds through pre-purchase to develop global, free education content.  Once funding for a series is complete, the NFT  certificate is minted.  No need to have cryptocurrency or a wallet unless you want to sell it or transfer it at a later time. We hold everything for you.

Education Goals

The goal of the Outstanda Education is to generate funding to produce high-quality, global education content.  It is produced for a global audience and at all levels. It is free and improves socio-economic mobility, climate care, and cultural appreciation while paying students, teachers, schools, and course creators.

Outstanda Educational News and Resources

Checkoin Whitepaper

Checkoin Whitepaper

The first public draft of the Checkoin Whitepaper is now live and available to read.  Members of the public, including educators, technology professionals, curriculum designers,...

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