Enhancing Education, for an Outstanding Future.

We are committed to building tools and resources to improve learning and the lives of people working together with us to make tomorrow Outstanda.

What We Do

Our Mission:  Innovate at the Tech + Edu Crossroads

We continue to develop meaningful solutions for improving learning.  This includes Incident Management for Universities, Enrollment Solutions for increasing student FTE’s and communication systems such as a eMagazine CMS and our newest tool, Outstanda, for connecting with school communities.

Collaborating with Educators

We do not just offer solutions.  Our technology team collaborates with educators to bring forward-thinking solutions to life.  Our goal is always developing a win/win senerio that helps learners, educators, and the community.

Committed to Making a Difference

Outstanda develops and offers tools that help provide better education, at lower prices, to more people.  We aim to address lifelong learning and development of the whole person to improve income, happiness, and continued success.