The first public draft of the Checkoin Whitepaper is now live and available to read.  Members of the public, including educators, technology professionals, curriculum designers, crypto-enthusiasts, and students are all welcome to read the paper and engage in discussion on our discord server (click here to join.)

This is a version one draft, and additional areas are planned to add more detail.

This cryptocurrency whitepaper establishes Outstanda, and the Solana Token Checkoin, as a leader in applying Defi to Education.  While many companies try to use false scarcity to elevate the value of their token, Outstanda will use the method of wide distribution and adoption with controlled growth and burn.

Checkoin can only be created when a verified student masters a course.  This can be at the Preschool level and also working in the highest levels of University studies.  Checkoin is paid to students, teachers, schools, the people who helped develop the curriculum, and the people who invested in the NFTs to fund the course development.

The Token will act as a currency as well as total Checkoin earnings being an overall score for academic success.

This is not an effort to replace schools and teachers.  Using the Mastery method of teaching, which you can read about at the Modern Classroom,  Outstanda will flip the classroom experience.  Lectures and independent work will be done at home with more emphasis on group work, small group, and one on one help in the classroom.



Find out more about Checkoin and the Outstanda Learn and Earn program.