NFT for Education Advancement

Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, are an important tool in improving education globally.  After 2019, it is obvious that education needs to be more of a hybrid of online and in-person, but the online portion is not developed or tested, and the results have been poor.  The Education NFT will be a tool for investing in a better global set of educational tools and curriculum to help people make progress.

In this article, we will highlight many of the main points of how Education NFTs will improve education in the United States, as well as the furthest reaches of where people live.

Problem with Online Education

Mastery Learning, where a student can master a topic at their own pace and get help when needed is a superior learning method that prevents students from being left behind.  Blended Learning is the educational delivery method that combines online and in-person learning.  This method has been shown to be the best for most students.  The problem with both of these is that they require a high-quality online curriculum that does not replace the teacher, but transitions a teacher to more small group, and individual focus.

Education NFT – Funding Better Curriculum

To produce a high-quality curriculum, you need the funds to produce it.  This means writers, actors, translators, programmers, camera operators, sound, lighting, and editors. You then need students and teachers to test the curriculum to make sure it is presented in the most interesting and effective way that it can be.  Everyone has been in a course where they have not understood something but did not have a chance to slow down and dive in to learn what needed to be learned.  This should be a thing of the past.  

The Education NFT is the tool used to raise funding for this effort.  It allows anyone to invest a small or sizable amount into the pre-purchase of an NFT that is minted after the completion of the course.  This money-raising technique offers buyers perks and gives them a collectible souvenir of their participation.

Doing funding by course, instead of for the company overall, helps people support and be a participant in a course they are passionate about.  This could be 3rd Grade Reading or Discrete Mathematics.

Education NFT – Funding Adaptive Education Tools

A small portion of the Education NFT funding also supports the advancement of tools to deliver the courses.  Not simply videos to watch, these courses are designed to be interactive and improve the long-term retention of core principles and skills.  These courses are free for learners and available globally.

Issuing Educational Certificates via NFT

Initially, the Education NFT is for funding courses and minting unique, meaningful artwork with a real story connected to it. Once enough courses exist, students who complete programs will also have their achievements minted as an NFT, which they can share and is validated by the institution they worked with.  This creates better authentication as well as portability and security.

Creating Revenue for NFT Buyers

When people buy a premium level of an Education NFT, they are not just getting the promise of a future piece of art.  They are also getting additional perks that come with the premium product.  In the first of its kind, the owner of the Outstanda Education NFT will be paid for each student who completes the course.  This payment is in an educational cryptocurrency, and it’s value will be based on the open market.  And a cryptocurrency based on learning and making the world a better place, instead of false scarcity and environmentally damaging practices like many of the currencies today, should gain in value.

Premium Education NFTs are also minted after students begin taking the course.  They are embedded with the purchaser’s wallet ID and they will get royalties when they are sold and resold in the future.

Creating Art that Inspires

Lastly, the artwork does matter.  In 2021, NFTs are in their infancy and people are trying to sell any digital artwork they can.  With people making millions of dollars on simple artwork, it would be tempting to not worry about quality.  However, we want artwork to be meaningful.  We insist the artwork tells the story.  And we want stunning artwork you would be proud to hang in your office, lobby, or boardroom.

Our artwork is meaningful to the project.  It is designed by artists we hire. It contains a QR code and summary on the side to find out about the project. And it is a mosaic of the people who contributed to the project and have benefited from the project.

Maybe not the Mona Lisa, but it will tell a story about real people and your ownership will show your commitment to education.


Shop for Education NFTs in the Education NFT catalog. NFT prices start as low as $50 and premium, exclusive NFTs will may royalties and receive payments in the future.