Outstanda just released integration with Metamask so that you can now buy Education NFTs with Ethereum. These NFTs fund education curriculum for global student access.  The NFTs also pay out a crypto token recurring payment at some levels.

To access this feature, simply look for the buttons at the bottom of the checkout screen when purchasing your Education NFT.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a Chrome browser extension that gives people access to their Crypto Wallets and provides a way to check out in a shopping cart on trusted sites that integrate with it.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It is the second most popular and commonly used in Web 3.0. Due to its good financial performance, many people have significant amounts of Ethereum and look for ways to spend it or diversify their Web 3.0 holdings.  NFTs are a popular option.

Outstanda is committed to embracing Web 3.0 technologies in education, beginning with this integration that allows people to prepurchase NFTs with Ethereum via Metamask.  This will lead to additional features such as crypto tokens that pay students and teachers for students successfully mastering educational content.

Additional developments will include NFT certificates of completion for mastery of curriculum which will be universally recognized and accepted as proof of completion.

Ultimately, creating a DeFi-integrated educational system that spans real life, including schools, online and the Metaverse are all part of a plan to meet every person where they are, and help them achieve higher degrees of success.


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