New Giving Page Released

Many people say they are very excited by what Outstanda is doing, but they do not understand NFTs.  This makes them feel hesitant to purchase one and support educational development.  Anyone can now contribute any amount, $5 US or more, without worrying about an NFT.  The Education NFTs are specific to funding one course, and the gifts are more general and fund the software development and infrastructure that will deliver the courses.

We want people to participate in a comfortable way.  If that means a small gift, then we want to make that possible.  And thank you for supporting our efforts.

If you do want to buy an education NFT, but you are new to NFTs and not sure what to do, we have made it super simple.

  • You do not need to have a wallet or cryptocurrency to repurchase your NFT.
  • Once minted, we will transfer it to your wallet when you are ready.  But no hurry.
  • We will provide clear instructions on what to do once the first group is released.
  • You never NEED to do anything.  If you decide to sell it later or take advantage of some features, then you would have to transfer it to your wallet.

Finally, if you are not interested in any financial action, but you support what we are doing, please share online in your social media accounts, email a link to people you know who are interested in education, etc. You never know which 30-second share can reach the right person and change the future.

Education NFTs are available in the Education NFT catalog. NFT prices start as low as $50 and premium, exclusive NFTs will may royalties and receive payments once the funded course is in use.  Supporters may also give a gift to help offset delivery and development costs.