Outstanda and its hybrid cryptocurrency Checkoin, offer payments to students for completing courses, as well as payments to people who have designed the lessons, presented the lessons, edited the lessons, provided equipment and locations for the lessons, and people who have funded the lessons through the purchase of an Education NFT.

This is not a system to replace jobs.  Instead, it is a financial ecosystem to reward quality teachers, quality educational content, and students who work hard and demonstrate mastery of their topics.

The education and financial ecosystem is designed to make education a higher priority for people globally by offering financial incentives when people learn and invest in improving education.

By using the Learning Mastery approach, students can work at their own pace remotely or in person, and demonstrate mastery without the stress of grades and time limits.

Below are 10 benefits from paying students to learn.

Bridge Tech Divide

As Schools, governments, and teachers are paid based on student performance. It will be imperative that all students have devices and internet access to complete courses at a speed that is comfortable and to be able to work anyplace they are.  Globally, students will get the devices and access they need because it will be more profitable for the people providing education.

Clear Learning Goals

By streamlining the required learning, and offering more flexibility based on the culture and interests of the students, Outstanda will diversity learning while still meeting standards locally.

Frictionless Remote and In-Person

As 2021 has shown us, it is important that students get to work in school or groups, and it is also important that they be able to clearly achieve educational goals at home remotely.  Using the mastery format, Outstanda allows students to move seamlessly from remote to in-person education.  The blended learning approach is shown to be the most effective.  By changing watching lectures as the homework, and making projects, worksheets, and group work in person, both formats are optimized for learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Rewards Quality Curriculum

Outstanda is designed to let the cream rise to the top.  Meaning lessons that teach better and are more interesting move to the top, and since students can choose between different presentations, only those done the best will generate more income for the people who designed it.  While not a free for all, Outstanda does test presentations and monitor student feedback to always be improving the product.

Rewards Educators

Educators make additional Checkoin when students successfully complete mastery of the course topics that the educator is facilitating.  While this does not replace income, it does incentivize good teaching and engagement with students to help them master the materials so they can move on to the next topic. Teachers make Checkoin based on what their students make.  It is a win/win.

Rewards Students and Families

As Checkoin gains in value, it will be an important additional currency that students can generate.  A portion is saved for the student in the future and a portion can help improve the socio-economic situation of the student and their family right away.  The saved portion can be used when they are college age, reducing college debt or helping them as they become adults.  The combination of more income and more education sets up all students for a more successful future.

Eliminates Lifelong Learning Barriers

Outstanda education is open and accessible to everyone and contains learning at all levels.  Everything from pre-school to Ph.D. is included.  It also includes health and wellness topics, as well as job training.  So, students will grow with the system and use it to continually improve their skills, employment, knowledge, and life.

Reduce Discrimination

The entire system is built on a global, non-discriminatory principle.  Students will be watching lectures and working with people of every race, ethnicity, gender, and will also include people with accents, disabilities, and things that make them different.  All of this is to normalize and appreciate our differences and learn to respect everyone.

Common but Flexible Standards

Outstanda will not provide every single lesson that is required in every single school district in the world.  Instead, strong standards will be created that include the majority of what someone should know, and students can also add additional interests to round out their experience.  By focusing on a less intensive “what everyone needs to know” group of lessons and more diverse add-ons that students, teachers, and schools can recommend or require, Outstanda will build standards with maximum flexibility.

Knocks Down False Barriers

Traditional school is based on hours in seats and testing. Outstanda is based on mastery of a lesson at a student’s own pace, ability to retake assessments as often as needed, and a simple pass/has not passed method.  If individual instructors and schools want to test and grade students, it is their prerogative, but it is not a part of the Outstanda system.  Everyone can learn and succeed, and some will do it much more quickly than others.

Outstanda is taking the lead in finally paying students for their hard work, making sure families have access to more income that is evenly distributed globally, and helping more people learn skills that interest them and help them realize their full potential.


See our Education NFT Catalog to find out how you can invest in curriculum development and earn recurring Checkoin in the future.