Outstanda Pulse Training Manual

Comprehensive training on how to use Outstanda Pulse to communicate and get feedback from your school to help improve wellness, academic results, and school culture.

Learn how to manage your audience, which can include Students, Parents, and Teachers.

Learn how to send text messages to everyone or filtered groups.

Learn how to conduct automated micro-surveys to know what is going on with your audience and what help they need to be successful.


Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse

This section contains information about account set up, administrative users, a strategic overview and how your dedicated school phone number for SMS survey messaging works.

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Section 2 : Working With Your Audience

This section contains all the information you need to know about managing your audience, including adding individuals, uploading lists, tagging, unsubscribing, tracking response trends over time, etc.

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Section 3 : Messaging

How to text message your audience, message tagged portions of your audience, and how to see replies from audience.

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Section 4 : Micro-Surveys

Automating, scheduling, sending and reviewing results from micro-surveys. One time or weekly automation options.

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Section 5 : Outstanda FAQ

Extensive Q&A about how the Outstanda Pulse works, how to make changes to your account and answers to other questions that we get.

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Section 6: Development Updates and Roadmap

We document updates and our development roadmap as we improve the interface and add more tools like and features advanced reporting and AI driven intervention recommendations.

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Ron McDaniel


We fully help your school get up and running with Outstanda Pulse.  This guide is so you can learn more if you want to, but we will fully support your school and you do not need to spend a lot of time learning a new tool.  We made simplicity a top priority.

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