Outstanda Pulse Training Manual

Section 3 : Messaging


While Outstanda Pulse is primarily a data collection and analytic tool for your school to monitor how students are doing, it can also be used as a simple messaging platform.  Combined with audience types and tags, it is possible to broadcast a text message to a large or small group of people involved with your school.  This can also be handy for administrators, even if you are not surveying them.

Section 3 : Messaging

Send General Text (SMS)

While the primary goal of Outstanda Pulse is to get regular, quality data from the students with surveys, it is also possible to send out standard text messages to people in your system.  This could be all students, all staff, all parents – or using tags it can be a sub section of these groups.  These messages take one credit just like the survey messages do.  This feature is located under messaging in the left menu.

Reply Messages

Ideally students do not reply to the text that has the message and link to the micro-survey.  However, it is important if they do, that it is captured for you.  On the dashboard, the active number of messages that come back are displayed in the top bar and you can click on this and see messages.  You will be able to see incoming reply messages from people registered in your system. 

Phone numbers not registred will not be seen, and they will get an error message sent back to them.

Reviewing Messages and Survey Responses

Clicking on an audience member’s name in the system will open up a profile with two tabs.  One is for messages recieved, while the other is a history of how they have answered survey questions.  This can help you get to know how a student is doing on one, convenient screen.

SMS Credits

Any time a message is sent, it is a cost of one credit.  This is the same if it is a general message or a survey.

Replying to Recieved Message

Outstanda Pulse is designed to be a system for identifying issues.  Followup is done outside of the system either with a call, meeting or one on one messaging between a staff specialist and the student.  In the future, we may add a reply option for simply Q&A, but we encourage taking real conversations outside of the system.


Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse

This section contains information about account set up, users, a strategic overview and how your dedicated school phone number for messaging (SMS) works.

Section 2 : Working With Your Audience

 This section contains all the information you need to know about managing your audience, including uploading csv, individually adding, tagging, unsubscribing, tracking response trends over time, etc.

Section 4 : Micro-Surveys

Automating, scheduling, and sending micro-surveys.  Also, how to  review results from micro-surveys taken by students.

Section 5 : FAQ

Extensive Q&A about how the system works, how to make changes to your account and answers to other questions that we get.

Section 6: Development Updates and Roadmap

This is where we document updates and our roadmap of development as we improve the interface and add more tools like advanced reporting and AI driven intervention recommendations.

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We fully help your school get up and running with Outstanda Pulse.  This guide is so you can learn more if you want to, but we will fully support your school and you do not need to spend a lot of time learning a new tool.  We made simplicity a top priority.

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