Levels for Education NFTs

Outstanda uses Education NFTs to fund course development.  These courses will not only be free but also pay students and teachers when students successfully master the content.  These courses are developed for a global audience and are of very high quality.  This is why funding is needed to produce courses/curriculum that makes a difference.

NFT Funding Levels

While many NFTs are sold in auctions, Outstanda structures the NFT levels to make it easy for anyone to participate.  The goal is to raise over $200,000 per course.  However, an individual who wants to give a small amount can find NFTs for as little as $50.  With 5 levels, there is an NFT for everyone.

Education NFT – Friend Level

This is the entry-level and allows anyone to participate at a low cost.  Watch this NFT video for details on the friend level NFT.

Education NFT – Backer Level

The Backer NFT level is for people who can give a bit more and want more benefits from the NFT.

Education NFT – Patron Level

The Patron NFT level is for people who have the means and desire to give more to help complete a chosen course.

Education NFT – Champion Level

The Champion Education NFT level is a significant purchase to help fund education. This NFT is rare, with very limited availability, and has more significant benefits to NFT ownership.

Education NFT – Benefactor Level

The Benefactor Level NFT is the only unique NFT and comes with powerful benefits.

Any level of support through your purchase of an Outstanda Education NFT helps use fund the curriculum that will make a huge impact.

Education NFTs available in the Education NFT catalog. NFT prices start as low as $50 and premium, exclusive NFTs will may royalties and receive payments once funded course is in use.