NFT  for Profit Sharing

NFT profit sharing is very new. The idea that you can make recurring income with an NFT is appealing to a lot of people.  We will review the risks and potential upside of owning an NFT for profit-sharing in this article.

First, NFTs are not securities or safe, standard investments.  However, because an NFT is a digital contract in the blockchain, it can take on many different properties and have many benefits that are conferred to the owner of the NFT. Always consult an investment professional when you are purchasing something in the hopes of making a profit in the future.

We added NFT “profit sharing” to the mix.  Each Checkoin Token Certificate will use NFT technologies to offer a certificate of gratitude for the crowdfunding contribution.  Later, when the program begins creating Checkoin, those who contributed and/or own Checkoin Token Certificates will get payouts in Checkoins.

NFT Profit Sharing?

For each Checkoin Token Certificate, the share of Checkion is the same.  Each edition of certificates goes up in initial cost as a fundraising technique and to reward early adopters.  While profit sharing is an easy concept, Outstanda does not charge usage.  How does it make a “Profit?” 

Each time a student completes a course, they are paid in newly created Checkoin.  And this creation process also creates a small payment to Course Creators, Outstanda, Teachers, Schools, and Checkoin Token Certificate holders.  This creates a new Cryptocurrency that is highly adopted and easy to predict growth. Sound financial management will be used to manage value.  Burning cryptocurrency will increase the value of the currency and reduces the risk of deflation.

checkoinThe currency that will be paid is Checkoin, which is a new cryptocurrency that is scheduled to be released in late 2022. This currency will be different from other cryptocurrencies.  It will be more widely distributed as people will mint (create) it by completing academic progress.  Everyone will be entitled to Checkin and because many people will be earning it in small, weekly amounts globally, it will become more widely distributed and used as an everyday, local commerce currency.  How much it will be worth depends on trading on the open market and that will change over time.

Why NFT Profit Sharing?

The simple fact is someone who buys a Checkoin Token Certificate deserves to be thanked as best we can for supporting our development of a better education model and curriculum that can impact the world. We have modeled our business off of Checkoin and NFT certificate ownership being the only way we make a profit as well.  If the system does not succeed, we cannot walk away with a pocket full of cash.

I hope you will buy a Checkoin Token Certificate from our Education NFT Catalog.  Do it because you want to support making the world a better place.  Let any future profits be a pleasant surprise. You do not need to have any cryptocurrency or a wallet, it is a simple charge card transaction and we will hold it for you until you are ready to sell it or cash out of any profit-sharing it has generated. Since that will take a while to kick in, just buy it now and keep an eye on our progress.  We will let you know how it is doing once things start to flow.

If you do not want profit sharing with an NFT, but you want to support our education development, give a gift with a charge card, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.