Outstanda Pulse Training Manual

Section 6 : Outstanda Updates & Roadmap


Outstanda Pulse launched in late 2020 to meet the needs of schools struggling to communicate and meet the needs of students, at a time when it was hard to reach them.  The launch is a BETA and we continue to develop better reporting, improve ease of use, fix any bugs that are reported and plan for more features in the future.  This page shows updates, and a basic development roadmap for the future of the program.

Section 6: Updates and Development Roadmap

Pending Updates (Coming Soon)

  • Interface updates

Development Roadmap

  • Spanish Language Surveys
  • Detailed Usage Report
  • District Account Managing Multiple Schools
  • Expanded Sub-User Permissions
  • Mass Delete of Audiences
  • Folders of Surveys for Ease of Use
  • AI Reporting and Flagging of Issues
  • Benchmarking Across Similar Schools

Recent Updates Completed

  • 3/2021 – Improve Expunge of Data while retaining data points
  • 3/2021 – Segment Surveys by Audience Type
  • 3/2021 – History of messages sent 
  • 3/2021 – Additional Quick report for One Survey
  • 3/2021 – IP Monitoring for Hacking Attempts
  • 3/2021 – Timezone Scheduling Improvements
  • 2/2021 – SSL Enforcement
  • 2/2021 – Mobile Phone Number Encryption
  • 2/2021 – Time Stamp on Relpy Messages
  • 2/2021 – Meta Data Updates
  • 2/2021 – Session Expire Redirect
  • 1/2021 – Private Surveys for Individual Schools
  • 1/2021 – Interface Updates
  • 1/2021 – Debugged Reply and Phone Number Formatiing
  • 1/2021 – JS Dynamic Tagging Fixed
  • 2020 – Crediting System Implimented
  • 2020 – Fixed Survey Response Rate Dashboard Stats
  • 2020 – BETA Launch and Testing

Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse

This section contains information about account set up, users, a strategic overview and how your dedicated school SMS phone number for messaging works with your account.

Section 2 : Working With Your Audience

This section contains all the information you need to know about managing your audience, including uploading, tagging, unsubscribing, tracking response trends over time, etc.

Section 3 : Messaging

How to message your audience, message portions of your audience, and how to see replies from audience.

Section 4 : Micro-Surveys

Collecting data is what makes Outstanda Pulse so valuable.  Learn automating, scheduling, and reviewing results from micro-surveys.

Section 5 : FAQ

Detailed Q&A about how the Outstanda Pulse works, how to make changes to your account and answers to other questions that we get. Have a question?  Submit a ticket to us.

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We fully help your school get up and running with Outstanda Pulse.  This guide is so you can learn more if you want to, but we will fully support your school and you do not need to spend a lot of time learning a new tool.  We made simplicity a top priority.

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