Outstanda Pulse Training Manual

Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse


This section is a great place to start to understand the scope and purpose of using Outstanda Pulse to collect data from your students, parents, and staff.  It covers some of the typical account issues, a summary of the system, as well as how to cancel or add credits to the system.  It is organized in short, well-defined areas so that you can quickly skim and read the portions interesting to you.

Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse

What is Outstanda Pulse?

Outstanda Pulse is a system to do frequent mini-surveys to know how people are doing in your school.  It is delivered via text message and takes 30 seconds to complete, and helps administrators know if students are struggling in school or in life.  The surveys can go to students, parents, and staff.  Via tagging, you can segment your population and deliver different surveys to different categories of people.  The system is prepopulated with surveys and recurring surveys make it easy for administrators, intervention specialists, and analysts to set it and just check the incoming data each day to look for red flags, and then schedule a follow-up.

Your School Configuration

The setup process is setting up your school profile, your main account, your monthly credits for the number of text messages (SMS) you can send, as well as an overflow credit balance that allows you to exceed your monthly limit when needed.  The Outstanda team will purchase a dedicated phone number for your school with a local area code where possible, and configure it to send your text messages, surveys and integrate reply messages into your Outstanda Pulse dashboard.

Optionally, reply SMS can be forwarded to one mobile phone number, for more immediate response.

Monthly SMS Text Message Credits

Your monthly SMS Text Message credits are how many monthly messages you can send, whether they include the survey or are sending an informational message.  When signing up, we will discuss with you how many micro surveys you want to do and what your population looks like, and come up with a safe number of credits to buy that will allow you to accomplish your goal.  For example, if you want to send 2 surveys per week, and you have 300 students, and you want to send 2 informational messages per month, you would have 2 x 4 weeks x 300 Students + 600 messages = 3,000 credits per month.

Because we offer credits in 500 allotments, you could add 500 more to have room to do the occasional staff and teacher survey, parent survey, or more messages.  We also offer non-expiring credits that carry over from month to month.  This gives you a buffer for situations where you need to send out more messages in an individual month.

Rollover SMS Text Message Credits

Rollover message credits do not expire in an active account.  They are a buffer for months where you might go over in messages sent.  They cost more to buy, but because they do not expire, you can buy a fairly low quantity and might never need to buy more, depending on your usage.

It is important to note that in a school emergency, or a month where you need to send more messages, you will not be able to send them if you have scheduled too many credits to be used already. For this reason, we include rollover credits.

Buying Additional Credits

Adjustments to credits must be done manually by our account team.  Allow 2 business days to modify your account and payment for added credits required in advance.

Incoming SMS or Phone Call

When the Outstanda team sets up your account, it can be set to forward voice calls to your main line, and to either store reply SMS in the system dashboard or they can be forwarded to an individual mobile phone number.

Cancelling Account

To cancel Outstanda, simply open a ticket.  We will confirm to the Authorized Email.  If we get an affirming reply, we will no longer bill you and will delete your data once your current activation is complete.  Non-payment does not constitute cancellation.  There are no partial refunds or full refunds for unused credits.

Reactivating Account

If your account falls behind in payments, it might be pause for some time as we try to establish your interest in continuing.  If you decide to reactivate within 30 days, there is no new setup fee.  Once your phone number is released and your data is purged, typically at 30 days past due, you are subject to a new set up fee if you would like to use the system again.

Adding Account Users

Users are staff at your school who have access to the data.  The main account holder is the only person authorized to change the terms, cancel or add credits to the account.  Sub-users can review data and messages, allowing people like Intervention Specialists and Enrollment Specialists to access reports and follow up with students where warranted.  Because some of this information could be sensitive, it is important to have policies and procedures and limit access to the data.

Section 2 : Working With Your Audience

This section contains all the information you need to know about managing your audience, including uploading, tagging, unsubscribing, tracking response trends over time, etc.

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Section 3 : Messaging

How to message your audience, message portions of your audience, and how to see replies from audience.

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Section 4 : Micro-Surveys

Automating, scheduling, and reviewing results from micro-surveys.

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Section 5 : FAQ

Extensive Q&A about how the system works, how to make changes to your account and answers to other questions that we get.

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Section 6: Development Updates and Roadmap

This is where we document updates and our roadmap of development as we improve the interface and add more tools like advanced reporting and AI driven intervention recommendations.

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We fully help your school get up and running with Outstanda Pulse.  This guide is so you can learn more if you want to, but we will fully support your school and you do not need to spend a lot of time learning a new tool.  We made simplicity a top priority.

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