Outstanda, Your School, and You

What is Outstanda Pulse?

Schools use Outstanda Pulse to send text messages and very short surveys to students and see how they are doing.  Teachers and parents can be surveyed, if your school wishes, as well.

How Schools Use Outstanda Pulse

Schools collect data from micro-surveys delivered via text and use this data to help identify interventions, issues or opportunities to improve.  By answering accurately and frequently, students can help the school meet people’s needs even better.

Personal Data Usage

Individual response data is available to approved people in your school.  Individual data is not shared beyond this group with school permission. Data is aggregated for school performance reporting, and may be shared in reports, but does not identify individuals or schools outside of the school account.

Only your name, mobile number, survey responses, and filters added by a school are stored.  All data is password-protected, and phone numbers are encrypted as well, to further protect your data.

Removing Your Data

Your school, and Outstanda, respect your privacy and your right to have your name and phone number removed at any time. Simply contact your school or Oustanda and ask for your name and mobile number to be expunged.

You may also reply “stop” to the text message in order to stop getting messages in the future.  Replying “start” will reactivate your participation.  This does not remove your data from past responses.

Do You Need Help?

Micro-Surveys do not take the place of asking for help if you need it.  Students who need something should ask directly from the school representative who deals with those issues.  Or in the event of an emergency, call 911 or appropriate emergency services.

Improving School Performance with Valuable Data

We are pleased your school chose to work with Outstanda to collect actionable data to improve school and student wellness, performance, and success. Contact us with any questions.


5 Ways Outstanda Helps Your School Get Even Better

  1. School staff with access can know faster when new issues or concerns are appearing in the surveys. This helps them take action faster to improve things before they linger or become worse.  By doing this, school culture can be improved.
  2. Schools can identify underperforming areas. When a group of students respond worse than expected, the school can quickly identify an area that is not performing to the standards of the overall school.
  3. Early intervention is also easier with Outstanda. Students giving feedback and potentially asking to meet with a school official will often happen earlier because of more frequent check-ins.
  4. Ease of feedback is important. A student might not go and report an issue, or let someone know about something bothering them, at home or at school, because it might not seem too serious yet.  However, when they can reply with a micro-survey from the privacy of their phone, they can let someone know everything is not all right, in under 30 seconds.
  5. Comprehensive feedback is also an option if schools want to run occasional surveys to staff and parents. These surveys can help know which teachers may be struggling, or if parents are having issues that might affect their child at school.  These same surveys can messaging tools can help at re-enrollment time to improve retention and enrollment.

The whole system is to help schools, and the people who are in the schools, to have more open, helpful, and valuable communications without interrupting someone’s day.