Outstanda Pulse Training Manual

Section 2 : Working With Your Audience


This section details how to work with your audience.  Audience is the word we use for any group you plan to survey or communicate with via Outstanda Pulse for your school.  Students are the most common audience, but you can segment by Parents and Teachers (staff) as well, to collect valuable data from these groups.  This survey data can impact enrollment as well as identify training needs with staff.

Section 2 : Working With Your Audience

Adding Audience (Students, Parents, and Staff)

To add audience members one at a time, select add audience in the left menu under audience.  You should include complete name, as this will identify people in your reports.  Enter a valid mobile phone number and add them to the proper group.  Tagging can enhance sending smaller groups different surveys.  It is optional.

Uploading Audience in Bulk

You may also upload larger amounts of users.  The CSV file must include in order
Name, Mobile Phone, (Student, Parent, Teacher), Tag

You may upload with one tag to begin, and manually add individually more tags to any student in the “Manage Audience” area.

Manage Audience

The manage your audience area allows you to edit your audience, delete your audience, add or modify tags, etc.  Important – You can keep the person in your system but disable future messages and surveys to preserve your data.  Use delete if you want to expunge the data entirely.

Unsubscribed Students

Students can simply reply “stop” to the text message and they will no longer get messages again unless they reply “start’ to the same message again.  You can see who stopped messages on the dashboard, and you can follow up with them, explain the need to get feedback to measure student happiness with the school, and ask them to restart.  They can restart by replying “start” to the same message.

Audience Tags

Tags allow you to segment audience members.  Think about which groups you might want to survey about different issues.  For example, special ed might be a subgroup to ask more often if they are getting the academic support they need.  You could keep groups segmented by grade, and you could even keep a tag for alumni to ask students who have graduated how they are doing.  This could be a valuable enrollment tool.

To create tags, use tags under the audience menu on the left.  You can individually change tags for students and also set one main tag on upload from the bulk upload.

Common tagging strategies include grad2024, etc to know what grade they are in.  Spec-ed, Attendance, Parent, Gifted, and any tag that would help you target particular questions more relevant to particular students.


Section 1 : An Overview of Outstanda Pulse

This section contains information about account set up, users, a strategic overview and how your dedicated school phone number for messaging works.

Section 3 : Messaging

How to message your audience, message portions of your audience, and how to see replies from audience.

Section 4 : Micro-Surveys

Automating, scheduling, and reviewing results from micro-surveys.  Can target any audience in your account.

Section 5 : FAQ

Extensive Q&A about how the Outstanda Pulse works, how to make changes to your account and answers to other questions that we get.

Section 6: Development Updates and Roadmap

This is where we document updates and our roadmap of development as we improve the interface and add more tools like advanced reporting and AI driven intervention recommendations.

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