Outstanda Pulse is a system for student engagement and wellness assessment tool for students, parents, and school staff to give brief feedback on a very regular basis so that schools can identify issues and problems with people and get them the help they need.  This typically would be a student having issues that could impact their academic performance but could also include a teacher having trouble with an unruly student, or parents who are worried about the performance and well being of their child, who is a student in your school.

What kinds of things does this new system do to improve student engagement, attendance, academic performance, happiness with school and overall wellness?

  • Frequent, 30 second surveys with trends on student responses will help administrators and counselors identify students who have experienced changes or setbacks which could impact performance and address these issues before the problems show up in a grade erosion or attendance issue.
  • These surveys can also discreetly ask about bullying, potential violence or abuse issues outside of school for the individual student, or friends they have. A follow up meeting with these students can head off more serious, dangerous issues in advance.
  • School retention and enrollment can be impacted as well when the brief surveys look at trends of happiness with child results, school performance and general feeling about school culture. For example, you could see a noticeable difference in feedback from a particular class and then be able to get this teacher more training to improve class performance and effectiveness before those parents decide to pull their student from your school and move them to another option.  This kind of early intervention could save a school hundreds of thousands of dollars by retaining students and improving teachers before the issues become dire.
  • Consultants can also be brought in if your school is not generally meeting it’s potential. By analyzing the intangible feelings of students, parents, and teachers in your school and benchmarking these against other schools with a similar demographic, size and type of school, you can see if you are doing well, average or need to address the school culture.
  • Accountability is also key. If one grade has a teacher that is not teaching well, then usually the damage does not show up until the next year, after a year of sub-par learning from students.  By surveying students and parents on a regular basis, your school will know much sooner if there is concern with a teacher and your administrative staff can intervene with additional training, oversight, or any other appropriate actions.

These are some of the major issues that the Outstanda Pulse system will help you measure in your school.  Outstanda Pulse is your school’s ability to take the pulse of the students, staff and parents every day and know where you are succeeding and where you need to get people help to improve performance and address critical issues, while they are still minor.  With Outstanda Pulse, administrators will know their school more intimately and more deeply than they ever have before.  For more information, email info@outstanda.com and let’s set up a private demo of the system.