Outstanda Education Gigs

Outstanda is building the largest comprehensive, free education system that will have a global impact by rewarding students, teachers, and schools for achieving results.

During Summer and Holidays, teachers enjoy quality time off, and we are looking to establish working relationships with like-minded people who want to help our efforts and earn every time a student completes a course.

Before you think it is a massive thing, we are looking for short lessons where the recorded video or written lecture is as brief as possible, and an educational engagement piece accompanies it.  It could be a group project, discussion, individual classroom work, practice tests, and/or additional reading.

The Outstanda system is built on the mastery model and flips the classroom so that lectures are recorded and can be watched at home, and when students are together they can work with instructors to engage with the content and put the ideas into motion.

If you teach a course at any level, you can probably very quickly take the knowledge you already have and do a lesson or even just a lesson node for us to build out courses.

How do you get paid?

In some ways, providing educational content to us is like investing in a cutting-edge start-up, but with your time and expertise, not your money.   Once the system is fully released, each time students complete a course, our blockchain currency gets created and paid to students, Checkoin Token Certificate holders, content creators, educational presenters, and support members.

Checkoin is expected to be a legitimate currency as more people receive it and use it.  Unlike most Cryptocurrencies, the value should remain fairly flat, but if your course stays current and students keep learning, your small amount of work can keep generating recurring Checkion for years to come.

We are not financial advisors, and I do not have any idea what the value in the future might be.  But if you can shoot a short video teaching a lesson, it seems like the worst that can happen is you waste an hour or two of your time.  Of course, everyone’s time is valuable and you should only do what you are comfortable with.

Important Points

  • Do not work on a lesson until clearing it with us.  We do not need duplicate lessons.
  • Any lesson that is not highly rated by students and teachers can be replaced at any time.
  • Lessons are global and should be free from political or religious topics unless they are specifically approved as college-level courses on those topics.
  • You must be the owner of the materials and give us rights to use them.  (Referencing other works is fine.)
  • We believe in open access and Barrierless Learning.  You are giving us the right to publicly post your materials for free for people to use.  Only verified students can generate Checkoin.  Other people may use materials to learn without registering.

If you share our commitment to education and rewarding successful students, lesson makers, teachers, and schools, please contact us, and let’s discuss this in further detail.

PS: Not an educator but interested in our project?  Buy a Checkoin Token Certificate, which is our primary funding tool, and be entitled to recurring Checkoin in the future.



Find out more about Checkoin and the Outstanda Learn and Earn program.