The Currency of Learning

In the past, people have stated that knowledge, creativity, or other forms of intellect were the currency of learning. In 2022, it is now possible to have a real currency of learning.  An actual monetary unit is created when a verified person demonstrates mastery of an approved topic. This new currency is Checkoin.

In this article, we will explore the many benefits of tying a blockchain currency to outcomes in learning.  The obvious advantage is that people are more motivated to learn because they make money directly by doing so. Using Web 3.0 also gives people an easy way to verify credentials, verify education level, and demonstrate mastery over topics that cannot be faked or fraudulent.

Imagine the possible outcomes. Checkoin earnings over a lifetime directly correlate to learning. Someone who has earned more has mastered more courses and is generally more knowledgeable than someone who has earned less.  This information is protected and maintained in a blockchain that can be shared, and has the full history of learning, regardless of changing schools, changing countries, studying in multiple places at once, etc.

Checkoin is designed to be the Currency of Learning.  You can read the public white paper at  What are some of the significant benefits of Checkoin?

Cash Out Immediately

Students under 18, and the parents of students, can cash out 50% of student earnings at any time. This means people in poverty have access to immediate cash when kids are mastering their academic pursuits.  The goal of the currency is to maintain one dollar to one Checkoin value, although it floats on the free market and can be exchanged based on current values.

Savings for Adulthood

The other 50% is saved until 18 years of age and gives children turning 18 instant access to thousands of Checkoin that they can use for starting their adult life, college, transportation, or to help their family.

Focus on Education

As the earnings grow, students and families will have more motivation to take education more seriously.  Not only is there the long-term benefit of a better-paying job, but also the short-term benefit of income they can access, as well as savings they see growing steadily for the future.

Life-Long Learning and Earning

Checkoin is designed to scale from pre-school to Ph.D. courses. This allows students to be on different tracks for different topics simultaneously. For example, a student can be in Middle School taking Middle School classes, but taking college-level math if they are especially gifted at math. Adult learners can be taking courses via different universities at the same time, earning certificates of mastery that are recognized by all universities, and are the building blocks of a degree.

Regional Tools to Develop and Attract Talent

Checkoin makes it possible for any organization to use verified filters on verified people to buy Checkoin at a premium from students. This allows a city or state to emphasize high-demand skills and attract talent from other states. Companies can offer higher Checkoin cash-out rates for employees to learn particular skills. Even countries can attract talent this way. It works by allowing an organization to specify what is learned, filters such as location, age, employment, and school, and offering a budget to buy premium Checkoin when earned with specified criteria.

Reduces School Costs

Schools will save money in a variety of ways.  They will be able to decrease curricula spending. They will have less turnover as the classroom style keeps students more engaged, which reduces the stress on staff. Over time, Special Ed costs may decline as some learners will be able to use the system to catch up more efficiently.  Earnings for teachers will decrease the need for substitute teachers as well.

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Based on assumptions of Checkoin value, coursework, participation.

Provides Bonuses for Teachers

Checkoin, as the currency of learning, is designed to reward students as well as support people helping learners.  People helping students directly complete courses (Teachers, Professors, etc.) are awarded a bonus each time students succeed.  While it is small compared to what the student earns, spread over a group of students over a year it can be a significant increase in income.

Provides Added Revenue for Schools

Just like teachers, schools earn added revenue created when teachers are successful. Places in the world where schools are scarce or non-existent will suddenly be very lucrative. Where there is more competition, schools will likely use this revenue to increase services, improve facilities, and arrange more educational trips and activities.

Increases Tax Revenue

There are a variety of ways this system has the potential to raise tax revenue for cities, states, and countries.  The teacher revenue, if cashed out, would most likely be a taxable income. While we encourage not taxing students when they convert Checkoin to fiat local currency, it is up to each location to decide their policies.  More importantly, increasing education, and rewarding high-impact courses that generate higher income down the road result in a robust income tax base for any location.

Reduce Poverty and Crime

By increasing interest and motivation in education at a younger age, more students will be working harder at learning in order to generate income for their families as well as increase their savings account for when they turn 18.  This results in less time spent doing things that could lead to criminal activity down the road. The short-term and long-term benefits, and the habits built up from the overall program, put many more young people on a more positive path.

Transitions More Students to Higher Education

While local educational standards can be defined and met, the overall learning system is more flexible which means that students at nearly any age can be learning up into college-level courses at any time.  The higher the course level, the higher the earning rate, so students with the interest and capacity will look to complete requirements and learn up into college as soon as possible. Students who may have not gone on to higher education will find it easier to do so, less expensive (possibly paying them) and because they may have significant credits completed before finishing high school, they will require less time to complete it.

Disrupting Educations While Benefiting Everyone

While this may seem very disruptive, the end result is not a reduction in teachers or schools. The system is designed to allow more student independence and engagement while supporting the students with schools that have more resources and teachers who are paid better.

There may be some reduction in substitute teachers over time, but no other area of education is expected to cut back.  The plan is that schools with more recourses will do more educational trips and interactive learning programs, such as build maker labs, expand sports/fitness, and free up time to develop skills that interest students beyond the basics.

Online access means when schools need to be remote, students do not miss class time.  All programs are developed to be equally online or offline.  And the earning of Checkoin can continue for students even on a snow day, a sick day, or when schools are on break.

To support the development of Checkoin, visit and purchase a Checkoin Token Certificate. This funds the development and offers Checkoin earnings in the future when the project is fully released.



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